Organisational Chart


Organisational Structure

The Sangathan functions through a Board of Governors which is an executive body. The Board of governors is responsible for the management of all affairs and funds of the Sangathan and has authority to exercise all the powers of the Sangathan

The policies and guidelines of the Sangathan are executed by the Commissioner who is officer at the apex of the administrative pyramid and is the executive head. The commissioner is assisted in the headquarters of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan by Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, other Senior Officers and supporting staff. 

Each Regional office is headed by an Assistant Commissioner with three Education Officers. There are 18 Regional Office at present. For effective supervision the schools are distributed between Education Officers. For the Finance, Personnel and Administration, each Regional office is provided with an Administrative Officer and an Audit and Accounts Officer and other supporting staff. In order to monitor the progress of academic improvement and general functioning of the Region, a Regional Advisory Committee has been constituted by the Sangathan.

Kendriya Vidyalayas are opened in Defence establishment and at civil stations having a sizeable concentration of transferable Central Government employees. They are opened on the recommendations of the Ministry of Defence in Defence Sector and in the Civil Sector on the recommendations of the various Ministry / Department of Central Government Employees Welfare Associations. Kendriya Vidyalayas are also opened in the campuses of public sector undertakings and institutes of higher learning, if these agencies agree to provide physical facilities in terms of plant and equipment as per the norms and prescribed conditions. Such Vidyalayas are categorized as project schools. 

For proper running and day to day management, every Vidyalaya has  a Vidyalaya Management Committee and Vidyalaya Executive Committee which is headed by the Station Commander inDefence Sector, District Collector in Civil Sector and Head of Institutions in Project Sector / Instit














utes of Higher Learning.